Sew into Solids - Week #6

Last week, Jane gave us the goal of completing at least one block to be shared today for
Sew into Solids.   Since I had already completed the blocks I needed to make my cushion covers before the week was over, I set myself  the goal of finishing a cover. Here it is!

Early on, while piecing the different pinks together to make this block, I was reminded of blossom season in the orchards.  It's one of the things I miss about not living in the Okanagan anymore.  Springtime was a riot of colour and fragrant beauty - especially the orchards.  Anyways, the images of those flowering orchards inspired me to quilt a single bloom on the surface of my cushion cover.

The variegated thread worked its magic on all the varying pinks, adding extra visual interest, in my opinion.  Plus the curves of all those petals gives a softness to the linear design of this block.  I tend to like to contrast lines with curves whenever possible, just to mix things up a bit. ;o)

I was trying to figure out how to best convey that the binding I made was a light pink, not white, so thought a darker pink backdrop might work...

but, then again, maybe a white background works better?
Now I'm feeling that my week is off to a good start with this first solids only finish under my belt.
Let's go have a look at what Jane has ready to share for Week #6....

Okay, here's other exciting news to kick off a new week...
It's time for the

Monday April 16th is the start and here's the starring line-up of talent to visit today...

I'm rather excited to see what each has stitched up to share.  We're bound to be inspired and I know that if you follow along throughout the Blog Hop  (April 16th -25th) you may find a giveaway or two.  I'll be sure to share the schedule each day of the Blog Hop for you to enjoy visiting each blog.
Happy Monday!


  1. Your pillow looks great!! Glad you were able to meet your goal. I have to agree that it pops better on the white background, I thought the piping was white when it was on the pink background.


  2. Love! Love! love! The Pillow. I joined Marcia's Linking blog and have come across your site. I have enjoyed reading several of your posts today and look forward to receiving future posts. I just became your 431st Follower.

  3. Your cushion looks fabulous, Katherine! I love the mix of colours and the quilting. Beautiful!

  4. so very very pretty! I love the quilting.

  5. love the pillow, very mid mod! The quilting is fantastic, too!

  6. Holeeeeeeeeeeee smokes does the quilting ever take centre stage when you use solids - it's magnificent!


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