Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why I haven't been sewing...

Remember me mentioning that I help my husband?  Yesterday was the finish (another long 12 hour work day) on a huge custom install in a gorgeous new home.  My husband spent a total of 15 days at this home, working his magic.  I wasn't on this job  until near it's completion, when an extra pair of hands was really helpful (check out those moulding, I helped hold those babies in place!).  Besides installing everything you see in this massive kitchen,  my hubby installed assorted cabinetry in 5 bathrooms, a laundry room (which rivals my own kitchen for cabinets. gulp),  a bar (which is really a mini kitchen) and a custom bench with pullout storage (for the front entry).  Whew.

I enjoy working alongside my hubby - it's more about how well we complement each other, making a good team than the work.  We discovered our ability to work well together back when we were in our sophomore years at college.  Happy to say that over 20 years later, we still can make each other laugh and get on "like butter on toast". ;o)  I'm a blessed woman, no doubt about it.

Anyways, today, I wanted to show just how amazing my hubby is as an installer and explain why I've been sporadic with my posts.   Take a look at this ornate kitchen island!  My man built it. Oh, yeah. It looks even more amazing in person. I'm stunned at all the detail work that goes into something like this, and believe me, he pays attention to EVERY detail.  I get exhausted just thinking about it! LOL
You're looking at a 9 foot island that will have a granite top, allowing it to have a 3-sided eating bar, with the sink cabinet/dishwasher/ recycling unit at the far end.   Talk about custom!
What part did I play in the install of this masterpiece of a kitchen? Well, I am responsible for all the knobs and handles you see, not only in the kitchen, but on all the cabinets he installed.  That kept me busy. ;o)  I don't mind  it and while I'm doing this, my husband is able to focus on the more technical aspects of making a kitchen like this come together.  Handle and knob installing is one less detail that he'll have to do, when I'm there to help.

It may look simple, but a lot goes into installing cabinetry properly (as I'm learning firsthand).  There's so many factors that have to be considered that if neglected, will mean that doors won't close, your counter tops won't be level, or doors or drawers will interfere with one another...etc. You can't imagine how discrepancies along the way in building a home (such as walls not square or floors not level, pipes in the wrong place) really don't seem a problem until you're putting up the cabinetry.  Little discrepancies will add up and it means it takes some skill to make those cabinets come together and look great.

The cabinets above, will have glass fronts and glass shelves, to be installed at a later date. The past two days, I helped with installing all of the crown moulding and rope trim you see on all the cabinets. My role in this was as the assistant, mind you, don't want you thinking I do this myself!  Check out those mitres.  It's the attention to the details that makes the difference and takes the most time.
How about the above the range custom cabinetry to house the hood fan?  It's monstrous!  Lots of extra details here as well.  Dentil trim that goes to the ceiling and lots of rope trim, plus the crown moulding.  Having my hands there to help hold things in place made it faster for my hubby to secure those details in place.  It also made for some sore muscles!

We were both so pleased with how the crown moulding and the rope trim finished these cabinets.  Look close and you will see that the rope trim has a reversed profile to it.  That is one key to making the joints match so nicely.

Another look at those amazing uppers, this is the view coming in from the laundry room off the kitchen.  I love all the natural light in this kitchen and know that when everything else is completed, this room will be a showstopper.  I can already picture it with granite tops and the happy family filling this room with good food and love.

Here is where I've been for 3.5 days.  Long hours spent on my feet in a noisy and saw dusty environment, helping the man I love.    I will admit that I don't mind the physical nature of this work, but still prefer working with fabric rather than with wood. ;o)


  1. Wow! We all dream of a kitchen like that! I would have your husband build my kitchen if I won the lottery.

  2. Oh my... what a WONDERFUL glimpse of your hubby's creative work. This is beautiful.

    And to think you get to share in it.

    And no wonder you're not sewing or blogging much..... 12 hour days are nothing shore of amazing, I'd say!

    I'm going to show Rick these pics!

    Wishing you grace and joy for the journey... 12 hours worth every day!

  3. wow.......can't wait to see it finished.............

  4. O M Gosh! This is so beautiful! So creative and craftmanship, absolutely amazing! (and.. might I add that I am so glad I am not the one that has to clean all these immaculate details?)

    I hope the family enjoys cooking a lot, this kitchencastle deserves to be lived in!

  5. Wow. Gorgeous. But I'm glad it's not me who has to clean the scroll work in that kitchen!
    Neat that you can work together like that. Me & my husband of 23 years (whom I love dearly), we absolutely cannot work together. We can split a job- he does the framing and drywalling, I do the painting - but NOT do it together. We've even been known to have "his and hers" gardens, because we couldn't agree on which direction to the sun the rows should face!

  6. How many talents does Katherine have? I am very impressed and how wonderful this house must be!!

  7. Count yourself lucky that you don't life in the UK... I'd be calling your number and getting you to help finish our kitchen that we started 2 years ago :o)

  8. Wow, it's an amazing kitchen! It must be wonderful to have that skill. And to be ale to work alongside your husband, really special.
    My husband and I do lots of sports together but I don't think we'd work well together. I'm remembering our wall papering days.

  9. You're a woman of many talents - and your hubby is a man of many talents as well - that's a magnificent kitchen! I need to win the lottery ... I'd love a kitchen like that :D

  10. Talk about a dream kitchen! Your husband is talented like you.


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