Curves, Baby!

Throwing Setting aside (for the moment), my many other sewing projects, I'm stitching like crazy on the baby quilt I started on Mother's Day.  I'm using Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl quilt pattern with assorted pink and green fabrics from my stash.
The last time I pieced curves was for my One Heart Reading Pillow.

Single Girl is a great pattern( although I remember initially be put off by the idea of cutting all those templates for the pieces to make the blocks.  ;o)
Partly due to the fact that I don't have any template plastic on hand, (for cutting templates from plastic and tracing around them on my fabric), and partly because I'm lazy... I came up with another idea.  I photocopied all the small pattern pieces and traced the larger pieces onto freezer paper.  This allows me to iron the pattern piece onto the fabric for ease in cutting (no pinning or tracing necessary!).  It also worked brilliantly for keeping those pieces organized for stitching.

Pieces cut and organized by quadrant for one block. Makes for easy chain piecing.

The next potentially tricky bit to this block design, is sewing those curves.  Following the pattern instructions, pins are the way to go with making those curved seams align without struggle.  

Sewing the inner circle seam line for one quadrant.
Love those pieced curves, baby! ;o)
I toyed around with using different low-volume fabrics for the block background
(because I love this one by Jolene and this one by Chase... such gorgeous Single Girl quilts!),
but I decided that
 Sherbet Pips Play Dot in Vanilla is too perfect not to use solely as the background.

Two blocks done, two to go!

  I should have a finished quilt top complete before the end of the week.  Now, what do you want to bet that my SIL has a little boy and my Single Girl quilt will need to be made again in new colours... as a Single Boy quilt? LOL


  1. I hope she's a girl! Is there a 'Single Boy' pattern? Your quilt is going to be beautiful! x Teje

  2. So cute!
    The sweet colors stands out great from the background.
    Great work!

  3. I never did curves and i don't know if i ever will do that LOL

  4. Oh, good luck with getting a niece. But a nephew would be just another good excuse to make another awesome quilt! Love this one!

  5. Oh.. I put my vote on a little cute girl.. Let me know if I am right~ Love your pink/ green together.. Just so perfect for the little girl..

  6. I hope the baby arrives healthy and safe with ten little fingers and ten little toes, and that you will have guessed right picking pinks. Otherwise I hope you and your machine will have wings making a single boys version.
    I wish your DS and SIL a beautiful birth of their baby.

  7. Its always fun to make something for a new/almost here baby! :)
    Your quilt blocks are so pretty...I love the background you chose, it lets all the fun girlie colors stand out.


  8. I need to pull mine out! I have 1 very lonely block made....

  9. that is quite a mission there! Lots of pieces, but fab idea with the freezer paper


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