On a day like today...

when the sky is picture perfect blue

with leaves and blooms budding forth,

I realize just how much Nature can affect my palette choices.
Colours that are fresh and pretty, full of promise.  They say, "Spring is here!" and

 have me stitching up a storm in anticipation of wonderful news. 

This month will bring the arrival of my newest niece or nephew.   I probably should wait to sew anything gender specific until after the babe is born.
Can I blame it on the weather?...Obviously, I just couldn't wait.  ;o)


  1. Perfect cherry blossom colours!!

  2. We had snow today. It lasted all of 7 seconds, but it was definitely that white stuff. Yesterday it came down on and off through-out the day, but by suppertime it was bordering on whiteout conditions (green grass and a whiteout = weird!) - we had to slow the car down because visibility was reduced somewhat. WHEN WILL THIS END??!? LOL!!!

  3. Lovely outdoor photographs!
    I hope your newest niece or nephew will be a niece, because it will be a stunning girly quilt you are making ;-) and you will be (almost) ready when it arrives. When it will be a boy, you can start again with this sweet colored fun in an other color setting (just as sweet).

  4. As always you have that feeling for fabrics and how to put them together!

  5. I am sure it's a girl. And YES, those spring colors are beautiful!


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