Short but sweet?

Popping in with a short post today.  My hubby and I put in a 11 hour day installing yesterday since the job was out of town and we wanted to finish in a day. However, I'm totally feeling the effects today.  I actually woke up with aching hands and feet this morning.  Which I like to think is a testament to how hard I worked and has nothing to do with my age. ;o) 
We totally rocked that kitchen instal!  Nice to know that in the year since I started installing kitchens with my husband, I've become a pretty good helper, making a difference in how much time it takes to get things done (and keeping him laughing through the day ;o)
Today, mundane (but necessary) things like laundry, cooking and cleaning topped the to-do list.
  But you're not here for any of that!  You're probably more interested in what's currently on my design wall, right?...

Check it out!
  Yes, I now have 3 blocks complete for my Single Girl baby quilt. I can hardly wait to finish this girly sweet top! 
  My design wall  looks better than ever with the Single Girl blocks next to the quilt top,
 Garden Plot (which is awaiting finishing). 
 Somehow those circles look extra pretty next to those squares. ;o)  More to show soon....


  1. I’m smitten with your Garden Plot quilt top! There’s something about squares that always pulls me in!

    Your Cherry Blossom Baby Girl quilt is gloing to be so sweet!

    Happy weekend!

  2. I hope your body recovers fast. I love the eyecandy on your designwall!


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