Wednesday, October 23, 2013

At it again...

Hot on the heels of sewing scrappy strips together for those 3" notecards I shared HERE, I made some scrappy gift tags.  I stitched the fabric scraps to cardstock (half a sheet of paper at a time) and then put them through my Sizzix machine using the gift tag die.  Then I used the die to cut some unadorned cardstock, so I could stitch the blank cardstock to the backs of the scrappy tags for a nice, clean look.  I love the results, so more of these will be made.  Next time, I might try some embellishments - like buttons or eyelets or iron on monograms or...
Truly, the possibilities are endless and what could be more quick and easy for slimming the scrap stash!
Just remember to keep the machine needles used for stitching cardstock separate from those used for your other sewing projects.  Sewing cardstock dulls needles!
Some projects are just too good to only do once. 


  1. Katherine, I shall not make cards again! They could never be as cute as yours. x Teje

  2. Katherine, these tags are adorable! I've made fabric gift tags for years, but this is a good scrappy idea for a change!

  3. Hej Katherine!
    I think there is a challenge this thags belongs to...
    By the way I just love them to!
    You are amazing!
    Kram// Maja

  4. How cute! Do you use a special needle, like a heavy duty Jean one? Also, what about stitch length or adjustment on the foot, does the cardboard feed easily under the foot? Thanks!

  5. I love the tags as much as the cards. Great colours.

  6. I love this idea! It will make gift giving that much more personal and special (not to mention too cute for words :)

  7. Such fun tags. A great way to use up scraps.

  8. These are a wonderful use for little bits and pieces!


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