Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Something to Swoon about

I've returned to sewing the remaining blocks for my first Swoon quilt and am that much closer to a finish on this project. I was dissatisfied with one of my earlier blocks and finally went ahead with a redo on it. It went from looking like THIS before
 to this....
  I like that it has a little more kick to it now that I traded a Denyse Schmidt print for Anna Maria Horner fabric as the star center.  Not that I don't like the DS fabric, but I think it will be better used in something else.
Next up I paired some Flea Market Fancy with an orange print from Happy Go Lucky.  Both are directional prints, but I think they worked out pretty nicely together.  Especially those corners where 4 pieces of that diagonal print come together.  Fun!

I saved the best for last. The final block makes me a little giddy.  I'm loving the Madrona Road print with the bee print from Briar Rose.  Such yummy colours!

I'm totally wanting that block for the center of the quilt if I go for a 9 block quilt.  The idea of making 2 small quilts to sell is also appealing.
What do you think?  Do you think I have a better chance of selling a large Swoon or 2 small Swoons? 
Possible layout...  
Once I get that decided, it's time to get the sashing strips and borders cut and added!  I debated changing fabrics in the bottom right hand block, but have decided it's incongruity adds something to the overall look - IF I go with making one large Swoon quilt.  If I decide to make 2 small quilts, I think this will be the block to pull out of the line-up.
Looks like I'm making a little progress on my fourth quarter FAL list.


  1. I'm no expert on what would sell, but I do know these are some beautiful Swoon blocks!!

  2. Looking FAB! If you go with 2 smaller quilts, that last block could become a cushion - a perfect add-on purchase with a quilt (even a small one). A small quilt could become a wall hanging so a cushion would be perfect with it!

  3. Hi there! These blocks look fabulous. I think that 2 smaller quilts might sell better but the 9 blocks would make such a wonderful large quilt... tough decision! I like Amy's suggestion to make a cushion with the remaining block. That's brilliant.

  4. Your blocks are each so beautiful! You will have either one or two stunning quilts that will be gorgeous!

  5. Love the improved swoon block, Katherine. And I agree, it just looks so much better with the contrast. Your blocks are all sew pretty.


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