Friday, October 18, 2013


 I've been thinking I need to sew another Triple Hex Reading pillow, especially as the change in season tends to lead towards evenings spent reading.  This pillow is so comfy...

and you would think that because it's pink and I'm the only girl in the household, that I wouldn't have to share it. 

Wrong! ;o)
There is one other reading pillow in the house. It's my first version of this design and is dubbed the "Manly Reading Pillow" and belongs to my oldest son. 
 However, I think he'd notice if I tried to take it.
Besides, my newest version is a larger pillow. Plus, it's even better, because I designed it to be sewn from pre-cuts, which saves cutting time. Yay!  Oh, and let's not forget that using pre-cuts gives some fun options for fabric choices - such as using up charms, jelly roll strips or even a layer cake.  Mmmmm... all good choices. ;o)
Knowing that I don't want to resort to hiding the pink pillow (so I can be assured of getting to use it when I want it ;o), I'm facing facts - I NEED to sew another.  LOL
That being the case, I have been thinking about what fabrics I could use to make a certain "someone",
 his own




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  1. Oooh, this is a real kick in the pants for me to get going on mine! I've had the pattern printed for over a month now and just haven't found the time yet.... Must do so soon! :-)


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