Wednesday, October 2, 2013

W.I.P. Wednesday!

Any guesses how I'm keeping busy this week?
Modern Maple Blocks have taken center stage this week as you're about to see.
There's 12" blocks...
 Block #4,

Block #5,

 Block #6,
 Block #7,

Block #8 and

a couple more 9" blocks...

Block #9

 and Block #10.

Then the first 6" block (more are waiting to be stitched).

It's not just the chance to play with seasonal colour that has me excited about this project, but also the chance to change the block size.  I've made blocks in 3 sizes to add more interest to my final layout and to give me the chance to use fabrics from my scrap bins.  Win, win!

12", 9" and 6" Modern Maples Blocks
In between sewing those leaf blocks, there's been some more granny square blocks.  Slowly, but surely I'll end up with my king size granny square quilt (although it doesn't look like it will be finished in time for quarter 3 of the FAL with Leanne.  So you know it will be added to my list for the 4th quarter ;o).
she can quilt

Did you know about the Flickr group Falling for Modern Maples
Not only will you see more blocks, there's some finished quilts, too. 
  Totally irresistible!
With any luck, I'll have a few more blocks finished before the end of the day. ;o)
It's Wednesday, so time to link up with some Canadian friends at the Needle and Thread Network.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Pretty blocks, but it's the wrong season for them - it's still summer weather here! I know soon things will get seasonal and there'll be a nip in the air, but for now, I'm relishing an Indian summer - even at 8:30 this morning and 8:00 this evening it was t-shirt weather - fabulous!

  2. Those modern maples are fabulous! Very much Canada proud. Love the fabrics and your piecing is incredible. Your granny squares are certainly sweet, also. Glad to meet you, Katherine!

  3. Oh they are so beautiful Katherine, and love the different sizes..I think I am going to do that with my churn dash blocks. Pretty grannies too!!

  4. Beautiful blocks! And thanks for the shout-out for the flickr group!

  5. Your leaves are just gorgeous! Love your amazing fabric choices.

  6. The maples are looking so great - and I love how you've chosen so may fabrics that have a leaf or floral design to them...

    Loving the grannies, too.


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