Adding some jingle

It probably will come as no surprise that I made time to do some more ribbon embroidery.
I loved the ribbon embroidery on my gifted spicy snowflake sachets  and couldn't wait to do more. Only this time, instead of embroidering snowflakes on squares, I thought hearts would fun.
I mix a blend of several whole spices together to add as fill to my sachets.  It's a great way to use bits of cinnamon sticks or nutmeg, cloves or other spices left from baking (or past their use-by date for cooking with).  The scent is delicious!
The sachets are filled with a mix of spices (I've even added some dried orange peel to my spice mix!) in the middle and some poly fibre fil around the edges (this was to nicely fill out the heart shape).  Lastly, I sewed a hook eye onto the top of each heart so that I could thread a length of ribbon for hanging. 

I thought you might be curious to see how my ribbon embroidery looks from the right side (top photo) and how it looks from the wrong side (photo below).  I worked my stitches in a specific order to keep it tidy and not use more ribbon than necessary.  If you look close, you may spot the  "knots" that make the start of the stitching.  Knowing that the wrong side would be hidden, I wasn't too concerned with any twists in the ribbon - but would want to take care if this side was to show.

It was when I was taking finished pictures that the idea came to me to attach jingle bells to the top of each heart.   Now my sachets are a delight to 3 senses. ;o)
It's funny, but that final, unplanned, detail is the one that makes me smile like crazy. 

What will I do with these jingling scented hearts?

I was thinking of tying a heart onto different interior doors in our home, but decided not to.  Instead, they are hanging on doors that won't be opened as often  (such as on my china hutch).  I realized that as cute as that first idea might be, I'm sure my menfolk would quickly grow tired of having their comings and goings announced by the sound of bells jingling.  Although, on second thought if I hung a jingle heart on the fridge door, I could totally keep account of late night fridge raiding, but I really need my beauty sleep, so I won't do it. ;o)

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  1. Cute and smart, Katherine!

  2. These are just darling! I've never tried ribbon embroidery but I sure like what you do with it!

  3. Love these. Your work is beautiful.

  4. These are just SO beautiful. I wish I could pop over for a lesson in ribbon embroidery. Is it like regular embroidery, but just with ribbon? What width is your ribbon?

  5. I'm in love. That is all :)

    (OK, not really all - I'd love to join Patchwork and Play at your place for a lesson - let's wait until it warms up a bit though, LOL :D)

  6. Cute sachets! They could also work for Valentine's Day!

  7. These are adorable!

  8. Oh, oh, oh! I LOVE these, Katherine! Everything about them! Fabulous!

  9. So cute! I just love your embroidery.

  10. Oh Katherine, these are super lovely! Thanks for sharing both sides of the ribbon embroidery... I'm always curious about how the wrong side of the embroidery looks like ;D

  11. Hey Katherine! Did you know these beauties have been featured on Chalk Talk! Congratulations!


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