She was right.

The introduction to Amy's Kotori (little bird) zipper pouch pattern in Zakka Handmades, mentioned it may be hard to sew only one. 
 Boy, was she right!
 and led to me sewing 6 more.
I'm not sure if it's because of the cute patchwork wings,

the  pretty buttons for the eyes,

the lovely linen for the body,

the chance to use my stash of 4" and 5" zippers
 (which I only have in the colours green or pink ;o),

the fun it is to give them ribbon tail feathers,

 or that they are quick and simple to make.

Whatever the reason, I couldn't resist sewing a little flock of adorable Kotori pouches!

Once these have flown away to their new owners,  I may have to sew another flock.
  At least Amy warned me. ;o)

Each Kotori has scrappy pieced wings - no two are alike!  Such a fun way to show off precious bits of fabric. ;o)

P.S. With some encouragement, I've decided to add my lovely flock of Kotori pouches to the scrap challenge for December being hosted by my friend, Maria of  Maja's Paradis.



  1. They are super cute, aren't they? I can see why you'd wind up making a pile of them instead of just one :D

  2. I agree with 'wipgirl'- I can see exactly why you can't stop at one..very, very cute!

  3. Oh Katherine, they are soooooooooooo cute, please make more and show them all to us.

  4. OH, how cute wasn´t that flock of birds?!?!?!
    Scraps on their wings...

  5. They are just darling! I'm going to look and see if I have that book

  6. have you thought about making them into larger purses or messenger bags? i would love to have a messenger bag lie this! love your blog. barbara

  7. These are all so adorable Katherine!

  8. Well - if you're going to have a collection of zippers, pink and green is about the best combo to have, lol. Great birdies! Wouldn't you just love to have Amy over for a visit (I'd have to come too, of course) to show her how much you (we) love her book? :D

  9. These pouches are the cutest I have ever seen!

  10. OMG Katherine, your flock of *kotori* little bird pouches are stinking cute!! I almost fainted when I saw these birds on your flickr!! Love, love, love your fabric choices!!

  11. ...and you have a chance to win some scraps...


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