Monday, February 24, 2014

Scrappy Stationery

Look out!
More heart themed projects. ;o)
Hope you like them....
   I think these projects would work for more occasions than Valentine's Day and secondly, you know I love ideas for using fabric scraps.

Scrappy Heart Notecards

I made these notecards from pink and red scraps. Many were strips left over from squaring up fabric, which means their widths vary.  Using machine needles I  keep specifically for sewing through paper, I pieced the fabric strips directly to the cardstock.  After all the strips are sewn on, I "quilt" them to the cardstock (which simply means I stitched random lines every which way across them ;o).  Then, I add some fusible web to the back of the cardstock, trace and then cut out my heart shapes.  Next, I fuse the hearts onto tiny notecards and then stitch around the heart.  Simple, right?

No two cards are exactly alike.

I also use a similar method to fashion some scrappy tags.  All steps are the same except I use my Sizzix machine with a tag die. All cutting was done with the die,  after I fused my scrappy pieced cardstock to coloured cardstock.  Voila!  Tags are fabric on one size and coloured cardstock on the other.  Add ribbon and attach to gift!  Simple and unique.  I like it!

A fun way to personalize a gift tag.

I love having handmade notecards and tags for gift giving and even better when they let me make good use of my scraps!


  1. Do you sleep, Katherine??? So many ideas. Love your tags! Love all your work!
    Though I have been a bad commentator I always read your lovely posts!
    xx meri

  2. You have some many inspiring ideas Katherine! Your hearts and tags are delightful!

  3. So cute, and a great way to use the jewels of the sewing/quilting world - scraps :D

  4. They look great, fantastic use of scraps!

  5. You are so busy and so creativey my friend. I think you should change the name of your blog in busybee, like mine!!!!!!! This idea is also great for making Christmascards. I will keep ....

  6. So cute! I really should get my butt into gear and make something like this, in my own style of course! Not copying!

  7. What wonderful ways to use scraps. I like to have cards, on hand, for special occasions or a simple thank you. Thanks to you I'm going to start making some instead of buying them.

  8. Love those cards and your new blog header!

  9. This is such a great way to save scraps! I have tons - am always unwilling to throw them away!

  10. Very funny : I like it.
    Many thanks to have left a comment in my blog !


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