Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting it right

Finally some sewing that I can share! I've got a few "hush-hush" projects in the works, which means no sharing just yet. :o)  However, amidst all that secret stuff, I took an evening to sew borders to the  mini quilt I started on impulse last month.  I knew it needed something more and a little time spent on display on my design wall, lead to the idea of adding borders to frame those ornament blocks.  I think it was the right choice. 

I also spent some time free motion straight stitching over the raw edge applique lettering.  I usually choose to satin stitch raw edge applique, but I didn't want to chance thickening any of the script or the flourish beneath. The straight stitching secured the appliques, plus it was fun to do. ;o)

It is tempting to add more to this design, but I'm wanting to hang this on my wall, so I'm stopping here.  Just need to iron the backing fabric and get on to basting.  I've got a few ideas of how I want to quilt this - including trying out some sparkly thread, but have to do some practise sketches first, just to make sure I get it right.  Do you sketch out your quilt designs before you put needle and thread to fabric or do you just go for it and let the design happen as you stitch?  I will admit to doing both ways - depending on the project.  This time, I'm considering laying a piece of plexi-glass over the flimsy and drawing out design ideas with a wipe off marker.  I'm loving this project so much and I expect it will take a bit of playing around with quilting designs ... all with hopes of getting it just right. ;o)

P.S.  A fun blog hop starts tomorrow....

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  1. It's so cute, Katherine, and looks great on your header. However you finish this, it will be festive and lovely. Great job!

  2. Deck the Halls is coming along beautifully! I can see how satin stitching the raw edges of those delicate letters would distort them - I bet the straight stitching was quite delicate - you'd need extra lighting, a very VERY sharp needle, and flexible fingers to get through that, lol!

    Off to check out 'Twas the Night!

  3. Hi Katherine! This is beautiful! Lovely shapes and the applique is perfect! Happy sewings! x Teje

  4. it's a lovely quilt top, I like the addition of the borders

  5. Beautiful mini! Did you use an embroidery machine for the text?

  6. A very sweet and festive mini!

  7. The thin red border along with the wider border in the same fabric as the background sets those ornaments off perfectly. I can't wait to see how you quilt it.


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