Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stitching up a storm?

I'm taking a quick moment to check in with you, because there's a wonderful stack of projects cut and waiting to be sewn into gifts.  Yes, I'm spending some quality time with my sewing machine every evening. Yay! 
 There's also been some time sewing Julianna's fantastic (and free!) paper piecing patterns from her
 It's official.  I am now in love with paper piecing.  Seriously.  How could I not be?  Just check out the latest block I finished...
Let it snow!

and try to talk me out of sewing more of these awesome snowflake blocks! ;o)

This one has me made me all kinds of happy - no matter which way I look at it. ;o)  I'm so glad that I decided on such a vivid palette (shared here).   Those colours combined with Julianna's fun designs,  are keeping me keen to make more blocks in between sewing gifts.  They are totally addictive.  I've already stitched a forest using one of Julianna's blocks and now, I want to stitch a snow storm. ;o)


  1. I love how these snowflakes look, at first glance, the same, but they are in fact, different! I can see a multitude of uses for these! And maybe some reverse colour ones- purple snowflakes on a pale blue or white background! I am not sure how long I can resist these.... Maybe I could make them during the Australian winter? I might be ready by then....

  2. If all snowflakes looked like this, I would welcome them! Beautiful job!

  3. HAHA I agree with Jeanie - I'd welcome snowflakes that pretty too! Those are sharp icy fresh flakes - they make me all kinds of happy too :) I'm especially happy that the white ones from the sky aren't falling at my house at the moment, LOL! A snowstorm falling on a forest would be quite something!

    Funny captcha - Please prove you're not a robot, so click the "I'm not a robot" box - LOL! Maybe I'm a robot pretending to NOT be a robot! ;)

  4. Well... just make sure to keep the snowstorm on your quilt blocks... lol.

    So far, I've resisted making any of these blocks. I'm still working on getting the Christmas gifts done now that the unpacking is complete.

  5. Love being caught in that storm!!! Love the block and the bright fun colors.

  6. This is it :) Simple beauty.


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