Friday, February 27, 2015

Sweetheart Mini Quilt

You may remember that early this month I was busy scrap busting 1.5" squares from my stash in order to make some mini patchwork hearts?  Wednesday, there was a peek at some machine embroidery.  Well, today I can show you it was all for one project, a mini quilt.
Sweetheart Mini after appliqueing and before quilting.
Yesterday, I was ready to do the quilting, add binding and turn this idea into a finish!

Quilting with my vintage Singer 201 (the quilt was pieced using my Singer 15-91).  I love my vintage Singers!
My lovely Singer 201 was used to machine quilt a freehand grid of wavy lines across the top.  I debated other quilting designs, but again, simple won out. ;o)

The binding made use of trimmings from the backing of my Impromptu quilt, which added a nice pop of red (and dots.. oh, my!) to frame things. 

My Sweetheart Mini made use of all the patchwork hearts I stitched from 1.5" scraps in reds, pinks a few purples for good measure.

The last stitch sewn, I immediately went to hang my mini above the loveseat in our living room.

A matching set of Sweethearts.  There's even a table runner to add to the scrappy heart collection (click here).

Oh, look!  There just happens to be a sweetheart pillow to match. ;o)  Woohoo! That's two scrappy projects completed this month and a happy finish to my week.  Hope your week has been a good one!


  1. Oh, this was really cute!!!
    Kram Maja

  2. That is just delightful. I really like the material you used.

  3. Oh, so very, very sweet! The whole collection lookis beautiful together!

  4. Gorgeous!! It must be such a satisfying feeling accomplishing so much!

  5. Awww...sweet wall quilt and sweet pillows to go with! They're wonderful scrappy hearts and I love your hearts blog banner too! Scraps always look much better all stitched up than they do languishing in a scrap bin. LoL

  6. They make such a beautiful set! I love that sweet wall hanging!

  7. Those hearts are looking awesome! So many tiny pieces must have been a whole lot of work!


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