Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Butterflies on the Brain

I had no idea how much fun I would have working on butterfly blocks, but they've taken over my sewing recently.  If you read my earlier posts, you may have noticed I've made a couple of versions, two different sizes, as well as a mix of both scrappy and non-scrappy. 
Butterflies on the brain, I guess, led to the discovery of a third version.  It's likely I'm not the first one to come up with this, but the idea popped into my head as I was pulling fabrics and noticed the lovely motifs that would work beautifully for fussy cutting.  I was aiming to make "eyes" like some butterflies or moths have on their wings (like this one) to deter predators.  This block is my first attempt on that idea.
Butterfly Block Version #3 - fussy cutting for the wings!

What about all those other blocks I've been making?  Well, I'm playing around with a couple of ideas (although more have been jotted down and may be attempted ;o).  Here's one possible layout:

Now to decide!  Meanwhile, I'm going to keep experimenting.  Plus, I've also been asked for some block measurements, so I've been putting together a short tutorial for you to sew a butterfly block of your own.  Stay tuned! ;o)

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  1. So, so pretty! Your recent version is brilliant! And the layout in the last photo is gorgeous too! Love those spotty wings!

  2. Oh my cuteness! Love those adorable butterflies!!

  3. They are so fun! I like the layout too!

  4. I love those butterflies! Cute, cute, cute!


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