WIP Wednesday - make something

Ever found yourself stuck in no-sewing-getting-done limbo?  Maybe because you lost your sewing mojo or maybe because you're juggling so many ideas, you can't decide where to start?
I think it's been a mix of both for me in the past few weeks.  Mojo lost when I was working long hours day after day installing with my hubby when it was all I could do to make dinner, eat and then trudge off to bed at the end of each day.  My mind just couldn't concentrate long enough on any of my projects at the end of day because I was so physically tired.   Once things slowed up and my mojo came racing back, I found myself stuck on which project to sew first.  Nothing is as frustrating as lost focus because it equals no progress!

A pretty bundle of fat quarters that I curated from Mad About PatchworkFabric love.
Finally, happily, it seems I've got my mojo back and I've found some much needed focus. ;o)
The proof of this? Here's a peek at something I've started sewing using that pretty bundle of fabrics I shared with you (here) as my starting point.  I couldn't help pulling a few other fabrics from my stash and adding them to the mix.  Hooray for a "work in progress"!  Can't wait to see where this one takes me. ;o)

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  1. WOW! This is SO interesting Katherine! They look great here and in your new header! The colour palette is so fresh and vibrant too!

  2. Wow, to go from no mojo to this! All that stored up creativity energy is producing something quite grand. I love the fabrics you chose. They all compliment each other so beautifully.

  3. Great job! I love the look of the dark fabric between the jewel tones.

  4. Pretty colours, and I think we all lose our sewjo occasionally, life has a habit of getting in the way of our sewing.

  5. Your sewjo seems to have returned with a vengeance! That is one lovely work in progress. Love that improv style. Looking forward to seeing where this is going!

  6. Very nice, I like the combo of the bright colors and the black fabric with the subtle print to it. looking forward to seeing more of this project!

  7. I know the no mojo feeling - my mojo is all over the place lately - I just can't seem to *settle down* with anything - blogging, sewing, stuff around the house - I'm like a dorky butterfly flitting around getting nothing done :D You seem to have jumped right out of your nomojoness and into something very pretty - I can't wait to see where that WIP ends up :) I did buy a new pattern today (a Bionic Dumpling Dish, lol) and I'm about to head down to the basement to see if I I can at least drum up a bit of sewmojo :D


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