Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Freshening up

 I decided  my pattern for the Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag could use a new option for finishing.

Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag
(shown sweetly secured with a press snap for tucking into your purse or pocket)
I still need to write the new option into the actual PDF pattern, but couldn't resist giving a glimpse of the fresh colours I chose for the "new look" (totally smitten with these colours and those ruffles). ;o)


  1. Mint, lime, spots, ruffles- what's not to love!?

  2. That is quite the spruce up. How pretty! I love the colors on your original pattern (they're more "me") but I love these too. They would make such great swap or Christmas gifts.

  3. Yes, I agree - these colors are really very nice, so fresh. And ruffles - very girly result :) Lovely sewing :) Jola

  4. These are so cute! Making one has been on my list forever.

  5. I like it very much! Nice colours!


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