Thursday, September 17, 2015

Finishing Touches

The past week whizzed by in that special way early fall weather brings.  We've had a few warm days that make us think summer is going to linger, interspersed with cooler days (that have me wearing polar fleece and putting flannel sheets on my bed! ;o).  Each day seems to bring different weather! There's no denying that we're into a new season - leaves are turning and there's frost in the forecast.
A bit of hand sewing is the finishing touch to this small project.
This week also brought with it a special celebration in our household - another milestone for 2015 (the first, our 25th wedding anniversary last month, and now having our youngest turn 21. How did that happen so fast?!? ;o). I love that even though both sons are grown, they always look forward to me baking a favourite cake to mark their birthday. The birthday boy requested a Ginger - Carrot cake that also includes plenty of raisins and pecans, with a mix of orange juice and maple syrup drizzled over it.  It's delicious, but always brings a session of teasing because his older brother hates raisins (talk about opposite tastes! LOL... ;o). 
My sewing this week has been a little bit like our weather - a mixed bag of projects, that included some block making, some garment cutting out, a quick prototype for shoe covers (that will allow wearing shoes indoors on the finished floors of a job we're trying to finish) and finally a bit of hand sewing on a small, sweet project.  It seemed busy, but no major finishes to report. ;o) I did try to take some WIP photos earlier this week, but didn't have much success. Lucky for me, today was one of the nicer days, so I can share decent photos of my most recent finish for tomorrow.  Hope your week has been a good one!


  1. We still have a day or two before the weather cools down. It was very fally and rainy last weekend, and when I walked to my friend's house on Monday morning (@8:00) I had to wear a sweatshirt when I left - it was nippy! But by the time I got there (15 minutes later) it had warmed up, and so had I, so I ripped the sweatshirt off, lol. The next few weeks will be alternately warm and cool - perfect fall weather, lol!

    Happy belated anniversary, and happy birthday to your kiddo! Funny how our family reaches these milestones but we don't get older - I do like the new math! ;)

  2. Hi Katherine! Happy belated anniversary! Your project here looks beautiful! I love autumn and your words for your weather sound so nice. Finally it's also here a little bit cooler. Still shorts and t-shirt but no air condition. I'm so looking for my trip to Finland next week. Have a lovely weekend! x Teje

  3. We are still hanging on to our winter weather here- Spring seems a long way off and then we have a day of 27C! Happy anniversary- the days go by all too quickly! That one photo looks all too enticing! Such pretty colours....


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