Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Scrap Quilt Making

Remember all  those scraps in pinks and oranges on their way to becoming a quilt top? Here's a peek at my progress.

Nothing but scraps and nothing but fun!

I've been making this design up as I go along, in fits and spurts between sewing other projects.  I love the freedom of this method of quilt building and it's been a great way to gobble of scraps and leftover bits from other projects.  It's also very relaxing and creatively stimulating for me.  It's like going for a walk without worrying which route to take or being concerned about the time spent - it's about the pleasure of the journey.  Does that make any sense? 

Anyways, I know this style of quilt making isn't for everyone.  It's a bit too much chaos for one of my in house supporters, while another loves this kind of creation.   

I've got more block building to do and I'm still working on the final layout, but I do have some blocks sewn into sections.  I see it as a puzzle and I'm quite happy moving those pieces around to find the right "fit". ;o)

It's a lovely backdrop and close at hand (for puzzle piece moving ;o) whenever I sit down to stitch.  I'm trying to keep it lap sized, but this kind of fun is easy for me to get carried away with.  It feels good to have a "no rules" project on the go to offset my other projects and work.

Wishing you some fun creative time this week!

Linking up with Nicky and Leanne for this month's Scraptastic Tuesday!

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  1. Love the way you describe your creative process! This one is going to be a great quilt!

  2. Yes, I agree with SG- its so fascinating reading about your process! Love the pinks and oranges!!!

  3. I love it and love doing this type of project, fun, fun

  4. I love it and love doing this type of project, fun, fun

  5. It´s all about the progress!
    All about time spent with the sewingmachine and those lovely fabrics!
    As you know this is my favorite way to use my fabrics.
    I can look at them and just remember my friends!
    Some of your fabrics are in my quilts as well;-)
    Kram//Maja who love this quilt to be!

  6. There's just no way to go wrong when playing with scraps. That concept doubles (actually - squares!) when the scraps are pink and orange. Pink and orange scrappy quilt = perfection *squared* :) Two thumbs up from Ontario!

  7. Your scraps do add up. What a fun quilt.

  8. Love these colors together! The solids really break up the busyness and give it a more modern twist.:)

  9. I love the colors, too. Sounds like a nice process - so have more fun - curious how it will look when finished.

  10. It's looking great. Scrappy quilts can be a bit much for me but i like this because the solids balance it out. Maybe this is what i could do with my scraps

  11. That totally makes sense! That's the way it should be ! cheers!

  12. Wow! This quilt is beautiful!! Great job!

  13. I am loving the bits of orange along with the pinks. I am impressed by how many different light pink solids you have, they look so good all together.


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