Monday, November 23, 2015

Don't overthink it...

has been my mantra for turning my scrappy mini tree blocks into  finished projects. Oh, not that they're finished just yet, but I thought I'd share a peek at my process.
Auditioning scraps to complement my finished scrappy mini tree block made earlier.
I start by laying my finished mini tree block onto my portable design board (which is poster board covered in flannel ;o).  Next, I arrange various strips and scrappy bits around the block.  Mostly, this part allows me to "audition" fabrics, to get an idea of what I have that may work and the sizes on hand.  Once I have an general idea (remember: Don't overthink it...), I piece batting scraps together larger than the finished size needed for my project, and stitch my mini tree block to it.

"Block" building - scrap by scrap.

Then it's simply a matter of adding scraps of this and that around the block.  Sometimes it involves piecing several scraps together first and then stitching them down onto the batting, so that tiny pieces can be utilized.  I have to admit that I like this freestyle form of doing patchwork - very much like fitting pieces together in a puzzle (only you have way more choices of where a piece might fit ;o).  I'm also experimenting with doing some quilting as I go along, but will do more quilting once I complete the patchwork.  Stay tuned for more on this work in progress. :o)


  1. What a perfect way to use up batting bits too! I can just tell you are having fun Katherine!

  2. Hi Katherine! Looks most fun project! I love your trees and you have there some of my favourite fabrics! Can you stop not making a whole quilt?! x Teje

  3. Adding the blue scraps to your tree block really brings out the blue of the tree! It always amazes me how the look of a block can change depending on the fabrics you surround it with.

  4. You need to post pictures of your scrap collection - something tells me I'd want to - you know - grab it, throw it in the air and run around under the falling scraps, grinning widely :D

  5. Wow! Your tree block with other scraps looks wonderful!! I can´t wait to see another tree block with scraps :) And thank you for email, I will send the answer soon :) Have a great time with scraps! :) Jola

  6. Wow!! I love everything about this project! Can't wait to see more!

  7. Oh, I love all of your marvelous fabrics and your small cuts . . . this is going to be gorgeous!


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