Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy to share a progress update on this block.  A mix of reds and low volume fabric scraps have been randomly pieced to surround my mini tree block and then quilted.
The quilting is a mix of lines and curves, basically just playing around, making for a merry you may have guessed. ;o)

Can you see the wavy lines I free style quilted across the low volume sections of the tree? Fun!

Now to decide on a fabric for the back of the pillow and then choose a zipper.  A finish is getting closer! ;o)

To all those celebrating - I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Beautiful Katherine! It's fun how few stripes creat a look of a tree. These are so cute! x Teje

  2. I have been enjoying your little trees.

  3. Oh, how I love this red tree block, Katherine! What a great little pillow it will make into! It's an inspiring piece.

  4. I love your scrappy tree, Katherine ! Very inspirering.

  5. I absolutely love that design (I actually mad a Christmas mug rug out of it) and that pillow case is amazing!

  6. Whenever you post a block with a predominant colour, that colour becomes my absolute favourite. You've done it to me again - I need to go fondle my red scraps now, lol! That block is just so pretty!


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