Mini Tree Blocks

There's been some scrappy blocks popping up in my sewing room this week.

Remember my king size quilt made from granny square blocks or the matching pillows?  That started me stashing 1.5" squares and it's a habit that I've kept up - all colours sorted and stored in one clear, recycled container.  You know how I adore scrappy projects and these little squares have been calling to me.
All one size, sorted and stacked by colour, little fabric squares are so handy for patchwork projects!
I also happen to have a growing stash of low volume scraps from projects (specifically this one and this one).  Pairing up those scrap strips and squares was inevitable. ;o)  Especially when I couldn't get Amanda Jean's gorgeous quilt, "Trees" out of my thoughts.
Lovely to not have to cut into yardage for a project - lots of leftovers from earlier projects make for some fun scrappy sewing!
Initially, for my own version, I was going to make 9" x 12" blocks, but after selecting my scraps for the first block, I started playing with the layout and fell in love with a tinier tree block.
Mini tree blocks made entirely from scraps!

The first two blocks are square (9" x 9" finished), but I tweaked things a bit more so the next couple are 7" x 9" finished.

I'm liking the change in size and already have a couple of ideas of what I projects to make with these sweet  blocks.  More experimenting first though. ;o) 

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  1. Fun blocks, and a great way to use up scraps that seem to multiple when one's looking the other way.

  2. What a wonderful use of your scraps! I wish I had more low volume fabrics...although I do have plenty of others! Love the little trees!

  3. These tree blocks are adorable! And where on earth did you get that Sew Me Something Good fabric? Have I missed a post about it?

  4. Oh heavens you tweaked that block into perfection - it's so freaking sweet! That box of perfect little colour sorted 1.5" squares is pretty adorable as well - my scraps are sorted by colour too, but they're shoved and jammed into spinach and/or dishwasher tablet containers - they look colourful, but not very organized!


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