Mini tree - dotted version

More mini tree blocks have been stitched together this weekend.  I'm still playing with ideas on this design - including making a version with a low volume background fabric that coordinates with the colour of the scraps that make the tree.

 The first version had a completely scrappy background for the background (as shown below).

Here's the comparison between the two versions:

There's a crazy part of me that now wants to make more blocks that feature a low volume fabric that will coordinate with the colour of the tree - just for fun, right?  Craziest part is realizing that I have the appropriate coloured low volume fabrics to make the idea a reality. ;o)


  1. I love the one with the pink spots! But I'm guessing you already knew that! Go on, make a co-ordination Christmas Tree Farm- I dare you!

  2. Love this! They are so cute. You need to make an entire forest!

  3. Yep I like the white background with pink dots the best too - how adorable that you actually have enough low volume fabrics to co-ordinate that way - now I want a pink Christmas tree!


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