Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy to say that some progress has been made with some of those snowman faces,  slowly working towards a finished project!
The white fabric for the snowman faces is covered in iridescent dimensional dots, which you can only see close-up.

A background has been pieced to frame those smiling faces and then a bit of applique added.  All in good fun. :o)

Coincidentally...those words materialized for a short while today - we had sleet/snow and then it turned to rain.  It stopped almost as quickly as it started and soon melted, but in the midst of it, I thought we were in for a day of wintry weather.  Winter so far, has been the mildest I've experienced since moving here in 2008.  It's been amazing and a little surreal.  I keep expecting for us to be hit with snow and frigid temperatures, but until that happens, I will continue to enjoy these mild days with snowman made from fabric, not flakes. ;o)


  1. I am glad that Fall is hanging around for you a little longer than usual, stay warm :)

  2. It IS odd weather, and a few people I know are actually quite thrown for a loop by these "off kilter" temps and lack of snow. I'm quite enjoying it! As long as Mother Nature doesn't take your project wording to heart, for a while longer, at least - I'm happy ;) Your snowmen (what's the official word for a group of snowmen, I wonder? A poof? A fluff? A crystal?) are looking quite adorable, and I bet when they're finished, the snow will be here for real, so they'll feel right at home ;)

  3. I say it again, they are so adorable! The face fabric is wonderful. I suppose they will have to suffice during your so far snowless season. I miss the snow, but I love that fabric snowmen are such a willing stand-in.

  4. They are wonderful! Yes, we have also strange weather. The winter is coming, but our weather looks like a spring time :(

  5. Oh my, I've been missing your posts, I see. So many splendid things to catch up on.

    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new red Christmas tree pillow. I think I might need one of those. Although my wonderful snowflake pillow is sitting comfortably on our bed these days keeping in time with the festive feelings around here.

    Thanks for all the lovelies....

  6. I love these smilong faces! This is a very merry quilt, just perfect for Christmas amd winter!


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