Sunday, December 13, 2015

Scraptastic for the kitchen

There's been another scrappy finish to cross off my sewing list.  This time around, I was able to use up those bits of fabric left from squaring up yardage and turn them into some seasonal looking potholders.

I've made potholders before, but wanted to make sure these would provide extra protection from the heat and along with two layers of quilt batting, there's also a layer of insulating batting.

The back of each potholder is corduroy, with a fold over pocket (with a layer of batting inside) - thickening things up even more.  Stitching through so many layers worked just fine on my vintage Singer 15-91, she didn't skip a single stitch in attaching the binding!

There's so much I'm loving about this finish - from the dotty binding,  skinny strips of  too pretty to throw out scraps, right down to the soft feel of corduroy on the potholder back.  Oh, not forgetting that these were made especially for a sweet friend.  I think she will like them and I hope they get lots of use!

Loving those free motion loops I quilted the potholders with - they remind me of ribbon candy. ;o)

I'm linking up this latest scrappy finish up with Leanne and Nicky for:

Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. Great idea... I always burn myself... ;0)) And those hearts... Prettiness!!

  2. Very lovely.

    Robin in Washington State
    Assweetaspeaches hotmail

  3. Perfect pot holders. I love the heart ornaments, too! And, your header picture is just delightful! Very festive and welcoming. Made me smile. XO

  4. Fabulous way to use scraps. I was hoping to make some potholders for stocking stuffers too but I'm running out of time : )

  5. Scraptastic they are too! Katherine, they look fantastic. They can play Christmas and Valentines too. Lucky friend you have!

  6. They are lovely Katherine as are the hearts and that cheeky gingerbread man! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. Ribbon candy potholders - ever so Christmassy - and a very sweet gift :)

  8. Great looking potholders! Everyone needs them!

  9. You're amazing! No fabric is wasted!

  10. Your dear friend really liked her presents!
    I don't know if I will use them in the kitchen.
    I think I will find another use for them😉.
    You know hon much I like those skinn strips and that quilting!!!!
    Thank you very much!
    Kramar från Maja


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