A Return to Free-Wheeling?

A single block from the Free-Wheeling Single Girl quilt pattern  - for the plaid loving male in my household.

 Ten years ago, I sewed my first version of Denyse Schmidt's Free-Wheeling Single Girl pattern.  It was a baby quilt in pretty pinks. I was a bit put off by thoughts of all the work involved in tracing the pattern pieces onto template material, but I came up with an easier solution. I discovered that I could use freezer paper instead, which I could then press onto my fabric scraps for easy, accurate cutting (check out my previous post here).

The wonderful results of that first quilt stayed with me and I kept thinking I would one day sew another version.  That day arrived nearly five years after the girly first quilt.  The second version, full of scraps of plaid shirts paired with a chambray background being a decidedly masculine take on the design.  A totally different look, but using the same methods of freezer paper for the cutting and piecing.

I loved the result!  Now why is there only one block complete and five years have passed since it was sewn?   

The short answer would be that we moved within a week of me sewing that one block.  So, yes, it was packed away for our move.  Did I lose track of where it was packed? Um, no. I know EXACTLY where it is.  It's sitting in my "works-in-progress" bin.  Waiting there, but not alone (there's more projects and similar stories in that bin).  That bin is one of the things I diligently pull out of storage and bring with me to each rental home, each move. Are you groaning or laughing with me, at this point?  

I hope you're at least chuckling, maybe even nodding your head, finding this relatable.  Well,  as bad as it sounds, I have been tackling the various unfinished projects in that bin.  Honest.  I actually have an older and larger resident of that bin that no longer resides there.  I turned it into a finish - one that I hope to get photos of soon to share with you.  Proof that it is possible to complete projects.

So, what am I going to do about that one free-wheeling block?  I have some ideas, but am curious to hear what you think I should do with it.  Drop your ideas in the comments below, if you'd like to chip in.  Who knows, your ideas might win out over mine!

Happy sewing my friends!


  1. Oh, I can empathize with you and your bins of unfinished projects. I have many of them myself. Hmm, what to do with the one free-wheeling block - perhaps a fun tote bag?

  2. Make enough for a baby size. Then you have a gift ready to go!

  3. I use orphan blocks as a start for a changing pad for babies. Like a small quilt but not as much commitment!


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