Low Volume Scrappy Zipper Pouch

My favourite patchwork is scrappy. Pair that with the delight I have in re-purposing items and you end up with a sweet zipper pouch!

Tiny scraps pieced together to make a wee butterfly on a background of near white fabrics and quilted onto a  remnant of batting, make the front panel of a zipper pouch.

I chose low volume (fabric that reads as white) scraps, to sew onto a leftover piece of quilt batting. After piecing, I did some straight stitch quilting and then cut a front and back panel for the pouch.

I cannot resist finding/rescuing sewing notions that can be re-purposed into my own projects!

The size of my zipper pouch was determined by the designer brand zipper I saved from a ugly bag I bought for a few cents at the thrift store.  The bag itself was a hideous and cheap vinyl design, but the beauty was this zipper pull (which was still sealed in factory plastic)..  I bought the bag for less than the retail price of a new zipper, with the intention of using the zipper in a design of my own.

A variety of low volume fabric scraps pieced and quilted-as-you-go, make the back panel of my newest zipper pouch.
I enjoy the unique look achieved from piecing scraps together (in the make-it-up-as-I-go-along fashion) and find it so rewarding to turn scraps into finished items that are useful.  I often joke that this style of patchwork is my therapy, because I find it so relaxing!

I love that I now have the use of a handy little zipper pouch made from fabric and batting scraps,  complete with a salvaged zipper and its designer pull tab!


  1. I've never made a bag with the zipper tab hidden thing... not sure what to call it. You must share...

  2. Nice job on this little pouch! It is so unique! I've made a few smaller items lately and I love the much faster (than a quilt) finish. Also, the fact that from just a few scraps, I made something that I can really use and enjoy. I think that I am going to be making a lot more smaller items in between the quilts.


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