Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks in Pink!

Moving twice in the month of May, meant I had some quilt bee block sewing to catch up on.  Let's start with the block that Teri chose for us to sew for the month of June.  

She requested scrappy log cabin blocks in a mix of pinks and low volume fabrics, with the option of a fussy cut in the center of the block.  This block is a test of seam accuracy! 

I couldn't resist starting with a fussy cut square of 2.5" of Little Red Riding Hood, for the center of this classic block. Each  strip is only 1.5" wide, so it was important to maintain a scant 1/4" seam allowance when sewing this block, to achieve a 12.5" block.  I set my seam guide on my Singer Featherweight to keep my seams just under 1/4" and it worked beautifully for sewing an accurate seam, resulting in a block that is the correct size. Yay!

My second version is the one I sewed to keep for my sampler quilt of all the blocks in the Pink Bee for this year and I thought I found something better than using the seam guide.

 I  was excited to try out a newly purchased specialized foot, that has a metal guide, for sewing a scant 1/4" seam, on my Featherweight.  However, it didn't work to be as scant as promised, which meant I ended up with a block that is undersized.  Very disappointing!

Looks like  I will go back to using my seam guide and either sew another block to use in my sampler or end up adding another strip and trimming the block to 12.5". It's such a cute block, that I really don't mind the thoughts of sewing another.


  1. These fabrics are precious and I love the fussy cut little blocks. Yes a scant one quarter seam is invaluable.

  2. Such gorgeous fabrics make perfectly delightful blocks, even if they are undersized. It sounds like you have a solution, either being a win-win really! A all-pink/red quilt is high on my to-do list! It might need to come next....!

  3. You have the best stash! I always love seeing your work.
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  4. Katherine. These are adorable.
    I love them.

  5. A beautiful quilt! Looks great. You can see - making such quilts is time-consuming. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging

  6. Get the Dean size right is hard in blocks that have numerous dreams like this..... Looks great though......

  7. Opps right now....
    Getting the seam size right is hard in blocks that have numerous seams like this..... Looks great though......


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