Warm and Spicy

Warm colours on a wintry day! 

  I used this quick piecing tutorial for checkered garden blocks, given by Ashley at Film in the Fridge. 

Is this not the most amazing spot to work on the layout of my latest quilt?  This view takes my breath away - even on the grayest of days and I can hardly believe that I am here for a second winter, enjoying every moment of it.

Even on a grey winter day, this view of Okanagan Lake is something special! I am so fortunate to have this wonderful view and ample space for quilt making.

The living room floor is serving as my "design wall", providing the space I need to determine the placement of my blocks for my quilt top. There was so much enthusiastic stash sewing that I lost count and ended up with 38 blocks for my original idea of a 6 x 6 block quilt. However, now that I see them together, I'm thinking that I will sew another four blocks, to bump the size up to make a quilt with 6 x 7 block layout. 

Mix it up!  Some of these fabrics date back to collections from 2008, 2009 and 2010.   Apparently, I like to collect warm colours. ;o)

I love seeing many favourite fabrics I have collected over the years (some from other quilter's destash sales!), all mixed into this warm, happy coloured quilt.

Warm and spicy colours - ranging from plum to golden, make this a feast for the eyes, especially on a cold winter day!

It's exciting to see this quilt come together and knowing the warmth it will add to movie nights!  All those large windows are great for enjoying the gorgeous lake and mountain view, but they do make this living room a chilly place to be, particularly when there's no sunshine.  Fingers crossed that I will have a finished quilt to share, soon!


  1. That quilt is a joy to behold! What a beauty!! Happy New Year!!

  2. You are so stinking lucky, yes indeed. I bet you view a lot of incredible nature up there. Gosh, I adore this quilt. I love scrappy quilts because they serve as a story book of our adventures. Hopefully when we are very very very old, we can still remember fondly, or we can always just make up something... because others won't notice our completely full brains being just a little dusty.
    Happy New Year Katherine. Happy New Decade

  3. You have a magical way with scrappy quilts! This one is a delight to look at. It’s competing to steal the show from the beautiful view.


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