Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sewing Stars

Happy New Year!

Excited to be kicking off the start of 2020 with sewing my blocks as the Queen Bee in the online rainbow quilting bee I joined last April.  

I asked for whimsical low volume fabrics to be included in my bee blocks - this is a sample block to show what I'm after.

Scrappy quilts are my favourite, so it will be no surprise that I chose a block that is perfect for combining my love of low volume fabrics (which are fabrics that "read" as the colour white) for the background and a mix of happy colours for the star centers.  Each star will  be one colour, but I asked for the rainbow spectrum for my stars, so it will be fun to see the colours my bee mates choose to sew for me.

One of the things I am learning about myself, is that it's the simple block designs that really speak to me.  I do enjoy paper piecing and more complex pieced blocks, but it's the less involved ones, that I return to.

The tutorial for this scrappy star block can be found on Jennie's blog, Clover and Violet  - you will notice that she gives two versions of this block design - one using Christmas fabrics and the second using low volume fabrics.  Both look wonderful! One of the aspects of the design that caught my eye is that the corner squares are  5" - I have a collection of fun novelty fabrics that size (from some of the swaps I have participated in), and this block is a perfect way to turn them into something to be enjoyed!  Maybe you have some charm squares in your stash, too?  If so, this lovely block lets you leave them as is and enjoy a design that shows them off.  Bonus, those star points mean you can dip into smaller scraps you may have!  A simple but delightful block, in my opinion and easy to sew.

Sew, here's to the start of an amazing year!

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  1. This is going to be a seriously great scrap quilt. Really love the block and color choices.


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