Fabric Friday - Pinks!

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Friends share resources and I have recently been made aware of a lovely one, that I wanted to tell you about, in case you aren't yet acquainted.

 Look at the pretty Pink FQ Bundle*  that arrived in my mail box, generously sent from LoveCrafts! 

I'm talking about LoveCrafts - a creative filled site for finding all sorts of crafty goodness!  There's a marketplace for supplies and patterns (including free ones!), plus a vibrant community of makers sharing all sorts of inspiring projects.  You will find knitting, crochet, cross stitch and embroidery, (along with their newest addition of) sewing and quilting!  


I am so excited to find a sewing/quilting section that is quickly expanding and already contains some of my favourites. 

I am making a list of goodies (besides fabric!), to add to my stash! Seriously, I couldn't quilt without these three (and I really do need replacements, especially for my ruler...after 20+ years of use...):

  1.  Aurifil thread*
  2. O'Lipfa Lip Edge Ruler*
  3. Machingers Quilting Gloves*

Hopefully, you're just as excited to go explore and see what you will find for your sewing/quilting (or crafting!).  No surprise, I couldn't resist one of their fat quarter bundles (find them all here) and I have been secretly sewing away with these pretties, using them to sew up a new design that I look forward to sharing soon.  Here's a little sneak peek at part of what I have been working on.

A work in progress shot using fabric provided by LoveCrafts that you can find HERE *.

I just adore sewing with these pretty pink fabrics * and love how well they coordinate with one another!  It wouldn't be fair to keep all this goodness to myself, so go check out LoveCrafts *. 😍