Patchwork Pansy Pillow

Dear February, I am going to make you my month of finishes. 

I pieced this pansy block (my own design), and even quilted it, before packing it away, into one of my "works-in-progress" bins. I needed backing fabric, a zipper and a pillow insert to finish this and with 90% of my stash in storage (because we're living in furnished, temporary rentals), nearly a year has passed since I began this project.

Love the self made piping sewn from fine wale corduroy that frames my pillow perfectly!

Last year, I made the excuse of it being too much trouble to hunt through my stored stash, looking for all the materials to take this project through to a finish.  This year, I am determined to not let the fact that most of my stash isn't on hand, stand in my way of completing projects.  

A trip to the storage unit and a goal in mind... I found teal corduroy and an invisible zipper to match. Then I added a thrift store find of a length of cording for making piping (have you ever used corduroy for piping? It's dreamy!). The last thing I needed appeared in the form of cheap poly fibre filled bed pillows displayed in a sale rack in the store, where I went grocery shopping.  To make the necessary pillow form, I simply sewed a pillow insert from quilting cotton in the size I needed and then used the stuffing from the cheap bed pillow to fill it.


Feels good to see this finished!


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