Thursday, February 27, 2020

Rainbow Bee - Scrappy Star Blocks

Two pretty blocks and extras from Leah!

Remember me sharing that I got to choose a block for my quilt bee mates to sew for me, at the start of this year?   The tutorial for this scrappy star block can be found on Jennie's blog, Clover and Violet 

I am excited to share a look at the blocks that have started to arrive from my Rainbow Bee friends. Oh, my! They are wonderful! 

Check out the whimsical low volume prints Leah chose for the backgrounds to this pretty red scrappy star!

Leah's second block features this darling fussy cut of a sweet kitty and more charming low volume prints for the backgrounds.

She also thoughtfully made me this cute pincushion from the tiniest patchwork and sent along some fun tags to add to my sewing projects.  Thank you, Leah!

Next to arrive are these wonderful blocks from Kerry!

Kerry chose such fun and happy prints for her sweet blocks.

There's definitely a summer vibe happening in her choices for this pink scrappy star block!

The second block by Kerry, features such charming favourite fabrics - like those kerchief girls, oh, my!

I was further treated by some sweet sewing extras from Kerry, that I can hardly wait to use.  Thank you, Kerry!

My quilt is going to be so fabulous and I am so thankful to be a part of this fun and talented quilt bee.

Don't worry, I will continue to share the other blocks as they arrive from my bee mates because I know that they will be inspiring for you to see.

Do you want to sew some of these blocks, too?

Please find the tutorial for these scrappy star blocks at Clover and Violet !

Happy sewing!


  1. Oh, these blocks are lovely! Just up your alley. What a great project. I look forward to seeing more of the blocks as they arrive.

  2. These blocks are adorable. I love so many of those fabrics!

  3. Oh my, this was a wonderful wander through. So many lovely blocks. And I did love the kitty one. Such creativity!

  4. My what a sweet block and your fabrics are adorable. You're such a creative gal :)

  5. Catherine, such pretty blocks they are! Exceptionally creative sewed star blocks, I could almost feel the softness in the fabric. Loved the kitty block the most. You are indeed putting your talent to best practice, cheers! And in your free time, do share how you make the perfect cuts everytime, do you use any measuring instrument for that?

  6. The quilt bee fun activity is awesome. The blocks and their patterns are so beautiful. It is always an added benefit to have some craft accessories with you.


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