Testing, testing 1...2...3...4...5!

I used a treasured Japanese cotton print featuring Little Red Riding Hood for my final pattern testing on a zipper pouch design I have been working on.

My sewing room has been filling up with test versions as I work on a zipper pouch design.   It's a bit like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as I search for a size that is "just right".

It began with this version. I discovered some incremental discrepancies in my hand drafted pattern that made the bottom a bit tricky to sew.

Each prototype is a complete finish - with fun linings and top-stitching. Plus, I added cute zipper charms!

That was altered slightly for the second version.

I couldn't resist adding a lace covered piece of twill tape that I sewed buttons onto, to make a "tag" in the side seam of this version.

However, the changes resulted in a base that was a little too narrow, making it a bit wobbly. Time to tweak the pattern further!

This third version has a slightly broader base,  but I wanted to see if I would like it if I increased it bit more.

Another fun Japanese print that has cute sketches and sayings all over it.  "Tea Please".

I decided that I broadened the base a bit much in version three, so it was time to scale it back bit.

Version four was getting very close to the look I wanted, but I couldn't resist altering the measurements one final time.

A bit of top stitching along the zipper adds a professional finish to each pouch.

Yes! Finally, I found the right balance in my fifth version. The base is broad enough to stand steadily, without making the pouch look too squat.

This delightful print tells the whole Little Red Riding Hood story in vignettes.

Throughout my testing, I decided to use fabrics that I have been "saving" for something special.  It is ridiculous how I will squirrel away fabrics, when I get so much pleasure from using them!  I knew from the outset, that despite the pattern testing process, I would enjoy seeing those special fabrics become finished items that I could then use.

I love finding just the right zipper in my stash for a project! This metal zipper was salvaged from a thrift store find (I've been known to purchase inexpensive items at thrift stores for re-purposing). 😉

Satisfied with my final design for a basic pouch with a softly curving top for the zipper, I'm onto playing with ideas to jazz it up!  Let's just say, you'll be seeing more zipper pouches here, soon.


  1. The prints are gorgeous and I can certainly see why you've been saving them. Great pouch design too. Happy days!

  2. Such lovely fabrics, and zipper pouches are some of my most favourite quick projects!

  3. Each one is great. The fabrics are all beautiful and make the bags that much better!

  4. I hope you write up the pattern for sale. Would love to make this.

  5. I too love to take thrifted items or stuff that I have that is worn out and salvedge the zippers, buttons, and sometimes some of the fabric that is in good shape.


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