More Scrappy Star Blocks - Rainbow Bee

How about a bit of inspiring sewing to brighten your day?! Like the wonderfully whimsical and sweet scrappy blocks that Natalie sewed and sent me for my turn as the recipient quilter in our online quilt bee.

I chose Scrappy Star blocks for my bee mates to sew for me and each of the 11 ladies in the bee are sewing two blocks in a mix of rainbow colours (for the stars) and playful scrappy low volume fabrics for the backgrounds.

Natalie chose to sew a green scrappy star and a soft blue scrappy star for me! I am so excited that I get to add these beauties to my quilt-in-the-making.

Check out that sweet fussy cut for the center of the star in the blue version. Plus all those delightful low volume prints for the background!

Now, apparently pretty blocks must be accompanied by the sweetest handmade extras, too. 😉

Tucked inside this lovely pouch, cute sewing labels, a notebook and an enamel rainbow pin (perfect for our Rainbow Bee!).

You can imagine my delight upon receiving this darling zipper pouch from Natalie.  Seriously, have you ever seen a more adorable print than that little ballerina girl and her wee bunny dance partner?

Nothing tops a sweet fussy cut and pretty hand-stitches when it comes to making a gift extra special!

Natalie truly outdid herself with this adorable little pouch and every sweet detail.  I adore it, right down to that extra cute ballerina bunny tag on the reverse side of the pouch!

Little things that add so much extra love to handmade gifts!

Truly excited to be receiving such wonderful blocks from the ladies in the Rainbow Bee and looking forward to being able to sew a special scrappy quilt using them.


  1. What cute blocks and such an adorable little pouch, with all of the sweet details and hand quilting to boot! You are incredibly lucky! Your finished quilt will be gorgeous.

  2. Your blocks are so pretty. I love them
    This pouch is so adorable
    I know you are safe and sound way out in nowhere 😍 and that makes me glad


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