Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Better than candy!

Free motion quilting on my latest finish - the quilt I made as a sampler using blocks sewn over the course of a year in the online Pink Bee. 

It seems like it was just a breath ago that I joined my first ever quilt bee and  began sewing with newly made online friends,  in the #pinkbee2019 (you can see more under this hashtag on Instagram).  Now, to my great delight, I have a finished sampler quilt, filled with beautiful pink fabrics and sweet memories!

My usual set up has my sewing machine in front of the patio door, but for quilting, I butt the sewing machine table up to my desk for added support to aide me.

It seems fitting that I finish this quilt in the same rental home that I started it at.  The fact that I have been moving a couple of times a year, from one temporary rental home to another, had me wondering where I'd be living by the time I had all my blocks ready to become a quilt. Little did I know that I would get to return to this lovely home by the lake!  Not only does this home have room for my to baste quilts on the living room floor, I have a scenic spot in our bedroom for my sewing. Such a magical setting that I am so thankful to enjoy!

Scrappy and Pink!

This is merely a sneak peek at my happy finish!  Everything needed to sew this quilt (besides, of course, the 11 blocks sewn and sent to me by my bee mates), came from my stash.  Lots of favourite pink fabrics are in this quilt - including some treasured flannel that made for the delicious backing, plus a sweet strawberry print for the binding... and I used up all but the smallest scraps I batting I had on hand, making this finish feel even more rewarding.  I still need to have my quilt helpers hold this quilt for some full reveal photos, but I couldn't wait any longer in sharing such a joyous finish!


  1. It is always fun to get to the final stretch of the quilting. your quilt is fun and happy. i just love the blocks you have hung on your wall by the window with the tulips and the letter K.

  2. totallllly better than candy!!
    I love this pink quilt. Yours is just beautiful.
    You are fortunate to always have a rental spot on the water. How lucky for you.
    Your husband must find the most beautiful spots just for you.
    This is the perfect sewing area. I love being by natural light too.
    I cannot wait to see the whole quilt.
    Happy almost end of May, Katherine

  3. Sweeter than candy, for sure!

  4. Love the pinks in this quilt.... What a wonderful shot to sit and sew.....

  5. It's really very pretty, I love all the sweet pink patterned fabric.


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