Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Put a Mini Dresden on it!

My love of sewing with linen continues, year after year.  It makes the most marvelous background for colourful patchwork, am I right?

I'm in the midst of trying to sew "all the ideas" using my own zipper pouch pattern design .  Okay, maybe not all of them, but at least some of the really fun ones. 😄

Happy plaid for the back of the zipper pouch!

Two years ago, sewing mini dresdens was an obsession, but not all those sweet bits of piecing went through to become finished projects.  That's okay, because I know that if I am patient, an idea will come that leads me to a very satisfying finish!

Turns out, pairing my mini dresden with my curve top zipper pouch design was pure serendipity!  I am completely in love with such a simple and yet very scrappy look for the front of this sweet pouch.

Adding a wee wooden "handmade" tag to the back and some ribbon sewn to twill tape for a side seam detail, completed my little project.  So very satisfying!  I am still experimenting with my design, in terms of stabilizers and I am quite enjoying the chance to try out more ideas for making unique little bags. More to come on this, I promise!

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  1. Love tiny Dresdens, and Dresden Plates in general - my favorite quilt design! Are you familiar with the #tinydresdenparty2019 on Instagram? I love to go there and just scroll through to be inspired. I found out about it too late to participate though.


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