Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Quiet Side of Things

If you look carefully, you may spot the Canada goose taking a nap on the flat rock that is submerged along the shoreline.

Morning scenes from my much loved walks in Nature.  Spring is in full swing, with birds pairing up, the first flowers of the season blooming and leaves unfurling.  Truly a magical season!

I enjoy these quiet contemplative morning jaunts. Each morning brings it's own story.

Perhaps it's another chapter in the local goose soap opera, filled with the drama (and noise!) of several suitors vying for the company of a single female, or the fright a pair of mated ducks display when an eagle flies low over their heads, landing nearby or  the surprise reflected on the doe's face when turning a corner,  she finds me facing her, on a lonely trail.

 I am storing up each of these stories as beautiful memories, ones that will always be entwined with this point in my life time. 

Sitting still and feeling the warmth of the sunshine, breathing in the fresh air touched with the scent of flowers and listening to the rhythmic sounds of waves reaching the shore, amidst the symphony of bird calls.  Blessed and rich beyond measure, is how I feel.

Somehow the months feel like they are passing more quickly in this season.  Perhaps, it is in part due to the knowledge that we will soon be moving from this temporary rental home. I am looking for the next place we will call home, but meantime I am present and I savour the quiet side of things, right here. 


  1. Gorgeous photography, such beautiful views!!

  2. Katherine, your photos are wonderful. It is always a joy to watch nature.
    I hope your upcoming move is to a good place and not too disruptive.
    Time is passing so quickly.
    Spring is a beautiful time to be quiet and observe

  3. What gorgeous scenery! I am envious.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful morning walks.

  5. Your early morning walks are beautiful, with much to observe. I hope your new home will be filled with the same love and peace as the ones you've found previously.


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