Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Simple Strappy Pencil Case

A pretty and practical solution for corralling pens and pencils!

Maybe you're like me and have a collection of notebooks and writing/drawing paraphernalia that you like to tote around? Do you find yourself searching for a way to keep things organized and ready to use?

I will admit that despite having a few pencil cases already, that I  really needed one that I could keep,  right at hand, with my hardcover journal. No more scrambling to find a pen or pencil or trying to tuck it awkwardly, into my book, for when I wanted to write or draw while away from my desk.

A modified tiny version of my Terrific Tulip Block!

My solution?  To design a pencil case that I could secure to the front cover of my notebook. Upon measuring the notebook, I found that with some custom placement, I could use a scaled down version of my terrific tulip quilt block for the front of the pencil case!

This is the sewing space I have been using, tucked under the windows (with beautiful views), at one end of the living room, during our summer rental on Silver Star mountain.

After adding fabric all around the tulip block, I placed a zipper to the right of the block and added a strip of coordinating fabric to the right of the zipper, to make the front of the pencil case.  I wanted the pencil case to completely cover the front of the notebook and provide ample space to hold whatever writing implements I need.

Two loops of elastic (sewn into the top and bottom seams), create the straps that secure the pencil case to the notebook.

To add a little dimension to the shape of the pencil case, I have a layer of fusible fleece, between the outside and lining fabrics. I like how this addition adds weight, but not bulk to the overall look.  A scrap of batting would also work, but would need to be quilted to secure it.  I think it's an idea I may use for my next version!

Another view of my sewing set up and the pretty little vintage Singer Featherweight machine that I used for sewing this summer.

This simple design has become my favourite pencil case!  I now have plans to sew a couple more for myself (because of course I have more notebooks!).

Treasured Tilda fabrics from my stash, were used for this pretty pencil case, making it extra special!



  1. This is a really great idea! I love the fabrics and design you chose. As I began reading, I wondered how you would secure the case to your journal. GREAT idea with the simple elastic for attaching. It can move to other notebooks in a hurry if needed also. Very clever and inspiring!

    1. Thanks, Annie! This idea is working out really well for me and you're right, I can easily move it to other notebooks if needs be. It's so handy!

  2. That's such a sweet pencil case. You've inspired me to make my own:)

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Yay! I love to hear that and would to see your version.

      Happy sewing!

  3. Such a simple yet pretty pencil case. Do you have an etsy shop? Regards Naomi https://divineangelnumbers.com/

  4. Love the ideas that you've shared here.


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