Thursday, January 7, 2021

Parade of Scrappy Star Blocks - Rainbow Bee

My first Scrappy Star Block for 2021!

January 2020, I started the year choosing the Scrappy Star Block (click here for Jennie's tutorial) for my bee mates to sew for me as it was my turn as Queen Bee. I sewed two sample blocks to guide the ladies, as I wanted the stars in one colour (with each star to be a different colour) and the background fabrics to be a low volume mix of whimsical prints.

It was wonderful having beautiful bee blocks to anticipate throughout 2020 and I have already shared some of the received blocks in two separate posts (here & here).  I promised I would continue to post the blocks for you to see, but that obviously didn't happen.  Time to catch you up on all the blocks between that last post and now!

First up, is this delightful pair of blocks  from Lindsay!

Lindsay also tucked in a lovely zipper pouch with her blocks as a thoughtful extra.  I have been using it daily since it arrived!

The next pair of blocks came from Jasmine and they are full of whimsical prints and happy colours!

Jasmine also surprised me with the very special mini quilt she sewed as an extra for me.  It is so pretty and looks like my vintage white Singer Featherweight !

The next pair of darling blocks came all the way from England!  Rosie stitched me a pair of charming blocks, full of delightful novelty prints and  yummy colour.

Tucked in with her blocks, she included a scrappy patchwork zipper pouch that showcases Rosie's talent for mixing adorable fabrics and delicious colours!

Cassie sewed a pair of blocks with cute fussy cut centers!

She also outdid herself with including a bevy of thoughtful and sweet extras (that paper pieced pink bow pincushion is beyond amazing!).

Then came two adorable blocks from Andrea!  She completely wowed me with her wonderful blocks.

Andrea also sent me a beautiful collection of pretty fabric scraps and the most glorious fussy cut patchwork zipper pouch (complete with a wee mushroom zipper charm that she sculpted from clay!)

 Last, but not least, are the two incredibly beautiful blocks sewn by Vickie.

Her fussy cuts are magic and the low volumes from her stash are too fabulous!

Vickie also made me a special extra to go with her blocks - a very sweet mini quilt in the prettiest fabrics.

That wraps up all the blocks that I received for my turn in the rainbow quilt bee. Pretty incredible, right?  I am very grateful for the kindness and beautiful sewing shared by all my bee mates. We were a bee of 12 at the start, but two members had to drop out, so I have decided that I will sew extra blocks (as shown in the first photo of this post!), to make the quilt with the number of blocks I had originally planned.  It seems fitting and makes me happy, that the first sewing of 2021 is the block that kicked of 2020! 


  1. What a wonderful quilt you will create with those blocks, all so beautifully done!

  2. Oh my. Such sweet sweet blocks. Can't wait to see these all put together into a quilt.

  3. Those are awesome. My favorite is the one with the two mice, one with a bicycle. You also got some amazing goodies as well. Sounds like a really fun group.


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