Thursday, March 25, 2021

Tiny Terrific Tulip Blocks for Spring!

 One week away from pattern release day!

My earliest prototype for this mini quilt using my tiny terrific tulip blocks.

This winter I made a pledge to myself to focus on taking designs I've created and turn them into sewing patterns.  Writing a sewing pattern is something I've done before, but I've let excuses get in the way of consistently pursuing this.  Deciding that action is the best way to deal with those issues, I have been steadily working away on a pattern that I plan to release by April 1st.

The pattern is for a mini quilt using a tulip block that I designed and have been sewing for several years now.  It's had a few modifications from my earliest versions, but it's still traditionally pieced and doesn't require any specialty rulers or tools to make. 

This pattern works exceptionally well for scraps, which if you know me, you know it's my favourite kind of patchwork.  The version in the photo above shows the mini made entirely from scraps from one fabric designer, Tone Finnanger - brand name Tilda (pop by my friend, Andrea's shop for Tilda fabrics).

More tulip blocks are in the works, so I will have even more ideas for fabric combinations or even ideas beyond my mini quilt pattern for using these cute blocks!

It's quite exciting seeing the versions that my pattern testers have been sewing from my pattern, which they are sharing on Instagram under the hashtag #terrifictulipblock (or you can click on the Instagram icon in the top right of my blog, to pop by my account and see more.

Get ready for a Spring that is going to be filled with tiny terrific tulip blocks!


  1. I love your tulip block and the fabric you choose is so pretty too :)

  2. Beautiful little tulip blocks!

  3. Andrea has a very very nice shop! Thank you for sharing her link. Yippee
    Now, these tulips are so adorable🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 and I love the fabrics for each. Really lovely 🥰🥰
    It is finally spring and here in No Virginia (35 miles west of the swamp) it is already warm!🔆
    I am amazed how warm for March, really.
    I love your use of scraps. I think you have the knack for making everything look happy!

  4. Wow this is wonderful news.... And what a great pattern to start with.....


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