Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tiny Terrific Tulips Spring Bunting

Love tulips?  Want to sew a "bouquet" that will last?

Tiny Terrific Tulip blocks in pinks, yellows and reds make for a happy Spring palette of blooms!

Following up on the release of my newest pattern, the Tiny Terrific Tulips Mini Quilt, I want to share ideas for creating other projects using the blocks from my pattern.

The first project beyond the mini quilt, is for a pretty bunting!

Let's sew some tulips! Following the pattern's (to purchase, click here) instructions, make one in the tallest size, two in the medium and four of the small size. From there,  you simply add strips of the background fabric to the left and right sides of the tulips and a wider strip at the top of the blocks. Measure the width of your block and this becomes the diameter of the half circle you will add to the bottom of the tulip block.

Self-made double fold bias binding will smoothly follow the curved shape while covering the raw edges and provide a pretty accent to each section of the bunting!

Now it is an easy matter of finishing each with a backing fabric, placed wrong sides together with the tulip block (interfaced if desired, to add a little crispness to the final bunting) and sewing self-made double fold bias binding to the raw edges.  A length of the same binding works as the ties for the top of each tulip block for  joining them together.

Feel free to tie the sections together as close or as far apart as the length of your ties allow.

I arranged my tulips by size as follows: one medium, two short, one tall, two short and one medium. Feel free to arrange them how you like and to make as many as you need/want!

My sweet tulip bunting is adding Spring cheer to my newest sewing space, while we await the full arrival of the season, here on the mountain (where there is still snow on the ground, but melting fast!).

My bunting is the perfect touch to the dining room/sewing space in our summer rental on the mountain.

I hope this project helps to spark ideas of your own in using the tiny terrific tulip blocks from my pattern!  I have a few more ideas for using them, which I will be sharing soon. 



  1. The bunting looks so pretty on your windows with the light shining through it.
    Kathleen -- kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  2. Oh, the bunting is so sweet. Hanging in front of the window, it looks like stained glass!

  3. Your bunting is beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. oh the tulip bunting looks lovely.........I have a tulip quilt to make soon........bit different block to this but i'm very excited......trying to get the fabrics together....


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