Keeping it scrappy

Fabric scraps. How I adore them.

My sewing this month has been concentrated on using materials that I have on hand.  This is more challenging than it sounds if you understand that due to moving twice a year to furnished rental homes, my stash is boxed up and in a storage unit.  I determined that for this winter I would further edit the amount of materials I bring with me.  It probably comes as no surprise (if you've been here before) to hear that I chose to bring along a pile of scraps.

Corduroy for the back of the zipper pouch makes for a lovely tactile element.

Amongst those scraps that I selected for this move, are the the leftovers from the tulip blocks I have sewn (still waiting to become a flimsy!), in a range of dark blues.  I decided to piece together those leftover blues and combine them with teal, mint and navy scraps I was recently gifted.  I simply arranged the fabrics in a brick or tile layout, so that the seams would be offset from row to row, to make the front of a zipper pouch.  The reverse side of the pouch is made from two offcuts of corduroy I had on hand.

Wavy quilting adds a little dimension to the patchwork and a lovely contrast to the linear design.

 It's immensely satisfying to not only have a finished item to enjoy using, but to have it made entirely from the remainders of larger projects.