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My current quilt block obsession -  the Cross Stitch Quilt Block (finished size 2")!

Looking for a cute quilt block that's perfect for scrap busting and is fun to sew? I recommend trying  Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks  (← click for the free tutorial), designed by Heidi Staples. 

May this sweet project help compensate for the whole year that I disappeared from this online space!

One row of blocks for the front and back of the bag, seemed perfect.

Naturally, sewing one block lead to another because once the fun starts, I don't  can't stop!😜 However, my desire for a quick, simple project led to featuring the blocks in a basic drawstring bag that I designed years ago.

Linen for the background and a warm colour palette for the blocks (selected from the scraps I recently won via a generous giveaway hosted by Art Gallery Fabrics on their Instagram account), came together beautifully.

This was such a satisfying make.  I adore the scrappiness, this colour combination and always the hominess that linen adds to a project. My thrift loving heart was immeasurably gratified with taking the twill tape (that factory made fat quarter bundles are wrapped in), folding it in half lengthwise and stitching, to make the drawstring closure. Sigh. Everything in this project came from the leftover pile!

 Only ten cross stitch blocks were needed to sew this simple bag, so any guesses what I did with the extras?


  1. Cute as can be! Congratulations on winning the Art Gallery fabric.

  2. Oh, they are teeny tiny blocks! Susan Patchworknplay

  3. I was wondering what happened to you! Nice to have you back. That is a sweet little bag and I do love it when you can use scraps and leftovers and thrifted items and make something that looks really nice.

  4. Oh, those are adorably cute and made a great bag!


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