Just sew

A scrappy version using my pattern, Tiny Terrific Tulips

Our lifestyle of renting furnished, short term homes continues.  This means for several years now, we have been moving twice a year. We're already one month into this five month rental term and I admit to seriously considering not moving any of my sewing into this home. 

I pack away and then haul all my sewing to a storage unit ahead of each move because it cuts down on the amount of stuff we have to shift on moving day. Although, helping to reduce the stress and work on moving day, I spend extra time transporting my sewing things to and from storage. The energy output devoted to keeping track of where my things are at, deciding what projects/materials to bring with me etc, sometimes leaves me thinking that I am not accomplishing much. So, what's the point?  Why bother?

Then I look at the photos I have of the projects I have sewn throughout all our moves and I am encouraged to continue.

Just keep sewing. 

Honestly, I have been quite blessed to set up a spot in each of the rental homes for me to sew.  

Tiny Terrific Tulips - perfect for sewing scrappy!

A summer sewing list is being compiled and likely to be edited (as I do have a tendency to bring more projects with me that time will allow for), indicating a trip to storage, to haul out my sewing machine and paraphernalia. 

On that note...guess what's at the top of my summer sewing list?

A quilt pattern found in this lovely new book, JUST TWO CHARM PACK Quilts (click here to purchase), written by my talented friend, Cheryl.

This book is the very thing to stir my creative longings into action! 


  1. I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish. I've not been on IG lately, though. I can imagine that moving twice a year would drain one's energy for setting up a sewing space. But then once you do - wow, you do wonderful stuff!

  2. I don't know how you can possibly move everything twice a year without losing your sanity! And for so many years. I can't imagine what your husband does for a living that requires so much moving and so often. I feel so bad for you. Here's hoping you can keep your spirits up. You do some beautiful quilting and projects.


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