Piecing Palooza!

 Have you heard of Creative Spark Online Learning

 It's an online learning platform created by C&T Publishing, (which publishes some of my favourite quilting books, such as this one or this one!). 

Creative Spark Online Learning have an event coming on June 29, 2023 called Piecing Palooza, which is a live, virtual event for learning quilt piecing techniques and skills taught by expert instructors. Sounds like fun, right? Check out who will be teaching!

I think it's totally amazing that we live in a time where we can be connected and learning, right from the comfort of our own homes!  Technology can be awesome.

I was asked to share the following with my all my quilty friends, which I'm very happy to do.

"Get ready for pure summertime fun! Piecing Palooza is a live, virtual event on June 29th for learning quilt piecing techniques and skills taught by expert instructors. Save your spot today for a day of playful piecing, exciting giveaways, and inspiration to fuel all your future projects."

Learn more at Creative Spark (creativespark.ctpub.com) and use my code pp2kg to save $20.


  1. Looks like a really great event!

  2. This would have been great...... Sadly just read your post.....


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