Tremendous Quilt

Introducing the "Tremendous Quilt" (credit for naming this goes to the quilt holder on the right).

Do you like scrappy quilts?  How about ones that work well for small and large scale prints? If you answered "Yes!" to both these questions, then I may have the quilt design for you.  Plus, there's a fun surprise on the reverse of this quilt, that may interest really adventurous scrappy quilters. 😉😉

Start with a nine patch block center.  Find the tutorial for this block HERE.

 This block is great for using up smaller sized scraps and small scale prints (click here to see more photos of my completed 12.5" blocks).

Once you have sewn your 12.5" blocks, it's time to add those large scale prints!  Take two squares, cut them in half on the diagonal and sew the four triangles to the sides of the 12.5" blocks.  Boom! You now have 17.5" blocks (after trimming).

Look how fast those big blocks create a quilt top!

As you can see, I sewed 25 of these blocks and arranged them in a five by five grid.  By alternating the placement of fabrics that read light and dark, you can see a secondary star design in the quilt.

  Now, let's take a look at the reverse side of this quilt!

I pieced small scraps into squares and rectangles, then surrounded them with a mix of pink solid fabrics, creating sections.  

My goal was to not only use up leftovers from the quilt front, but to add extra interest with a random style layout.  I wasn't seeking a symmetry in the layout, as I wanted it to contrast with the opposite side of this quilt.  Working section by section helped me in scattering the mix of print pieces with the pink solids.

Yes,  I will admit that making a quilt back this way took more time than using a single fabric, however I think the results were worth the effort and I greatly enjoyed the process.  Honestly, it looks harder to do than what it actually was.

Due to the volume of seams in both the front and back of this quilt, the choice to free motion quilt allowed for easy navigation over any bulk created.  Bonus of quilting this way? The texture it adds.

For years, my go to batting for all my quilting has been Hobbs Premium 80/20 but I decided to try Hobbs Tuscany Cotton Wool Blend for the first time, in making this quilt.  It worked beautifully for quilting, I had no problems working with it at all, the next test to pass is how it performs when laundered.  I will be sure to share the results!

The final detail of creating this one of a kind quilt is the sumptuous solid fabric I selected for the machine binding.  The fabric is Kona in Berry and I think it is the perfect compliment to both sides of my Tremendous quilt.


  1. This is a beauty Katherine! And I saw the back on Instagram- awesome!

  2. oh wow I love both sides........such a great reversible quilt.........

  3. Hi you! That quilt is gorgeous! I am looking for your scrappy alphabet patterns...specifically a J! Have you published them anywhere?

  4. Beautiful, love the quilt!
    What size large squares (cut diagonally once) to make the larger block?

    1. Thanks, Joy! Cut your squares at 9.5" before cutting once diagonally. Happy sewing!

  5. Thank you, thank you Katherine!


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