Monday, November 26, 2007

A "Piece-ful" Weekend

From the pieces I had leftover from making this quilt...

I made this little case...

... along with this drawstring tote...
...and then this zippered tote.
A fun use for all those little bits of fabric! More fun when you listen to a favourite audiobook while you sew, like I did (Pride & Prejudice this time around).


  1. Yummy. Looks like that tall bag might just fit a bottle of wine!!!

  2. Wow! Excellent job using up the left overs. And the quilt is so sweet :)

  3. Your use of scraps amazes me again! So cute!

  4. That’s some scrap creativity. The quilt looks wonderful too!!

  5. Love your heart quilt and the silvery binding around each heart gives it an unexpected delight! And all those extra bags ..... wow .... you were on a mission!

  6. fun patchwork projects. I heart patchwork.


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