Friday, November 30, 2007

Signs of the Season

Today I packed up my autumn themed decorations and brought out my winter ones. I thought I'd share glimpses of my winter themed decor with you. First up are simple bits of patchwork and cross stitich sewn into little pillows to add some charm to a basket. A place of prominence in the display is given to the red velvet mini pillow I made specifically for a piece of tatting made by my great-grandmother. Not only are these pillows visually pleasing, but with a homemade spicy potpourri inserted inside one, it is also lending the aromatic pleasure of such spices as cinnamon.

Next up, are two of my handmade fleece snowmen, which are a sure sign of winter (and some winters the only snowmen that last more than a day in our part of the world...) I'm quite happy with how these fellows turned out and this year they get to sit upon a recently thrifted runner that supports the snowflake theme ;o)
A close-up of the larger snowman to show you the sequins added to his vest and hat.
The smaller snowman sports a hat and scarf adorned with puff paint snowflakes. Both snowmen have carrot noses made from Sculpey, beads for their mouths and twig arms.


  1. I love your little snowmen. They look so real with their carrot noses and stone mouths and eyes.

    I am also going to have a look at my christmas stuuf - hard to get in the right mood though, when it is raining cats and dogs here in Denmark...

  2. Your snowmen are cute as cake! And you know what I truly love about them? Their hats! They're just perfect :)


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